Saturday, December 17, 2011

UrbanFest 2011

UrbanFest 2011, 19-20 November 2011, at 13:00 pm at Pasar Seni Ancol
but I only came on 19 November and just to meet Siti Juwariyah
At the time, unfortunately I forgot to bring a digital camera. These are some photos I took from facebook of Putri Larasati Thaib

 photo 1: between ka' Bayi Nurhayati and ka' Restu Anggraini

 photo 2: I'm in left bottom

photo 3: I stood on the left

my outfit:
Flowery Shawl ( Nabilia )
White Lace Top ( Mango )
Hareem Pants ( unbranded )
Flower Birkenstock ( Charles and Keith )

August 2011

It's a past photos, but I wanna share it. 
This photo has been taken on August 2011

my outfit:
Inner ninja and Tie Dye Shawl ( kamiidea )
Cardigan ( unbranded )
Stripe Dress ( H&M )

Hello Everyone

Hello, my full name is Indria Raudha Rahmi Adjie. My friends called me Indria. I already have a previous blog about my lectures (and is one task of any one course, hehe) I attended Akamigas Balongan Indramayu majoring in petroleum engineering.Now I'm in 5th semester.
This blog specialize for my activities, hopefully inspire you as the reader well :)
I am also a member of the Hijabers Community , if you want to join the register at their website yes, don't forget to follow their twitter @ HijabersComm
I think is enough, Wassalammualaikum