Monday, March 5, 2012

Friend Like a Sister

Finally I met HER --> Tasya Gunoto
I stole this photos too, again and again I stole photos :p
we met around 7 p.m in Senayan City after her office hours at cideng's area, haha
we shared, we laughed, we did everything

left picture so light exposure :( I love the right one :)

my Outfit:
Kaffah Dark Pink and Inner Full Covered by Saturday Market
Peach RoseBrooch Miss Marina Accesories
Ring + Bangles Forever 21
Bag (forgot the name)
Pale Purple batwing unbranded (Pasar Jumat Deptan)
Nudie Jeans (hihi used jeans again)

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  1. like this :D

    salam kenal kak. follback blog aku boleh dong ya :) makasi