Saturday, May 26, 2012

Grand Opening MUSE 101 (Part 1)

Muslim clothes nowadays are not only for covering our shame, but also for being stylish and fashionable. The global trend makes Muslim clothes more alluring. Of course, it still follows Islamic guidance, as it loose, modest, and unstriking.  
With many references, Muslims can freely mix and match their clothes with their personality, moods, or even their budget. Many of us prefer affordable price, don't we? If you are desperately to find such, here is an alternative to buy Muslim clothes: Muse 101.
Muse 101 at fX lifestyle X'enter Sudirman, F3 beside Giordano.
Muslim runway designed by 17 young designers such as Jenahara, Ria Miranda, Temikostuff by Temi Sumarlin, Minimax by Indira, Kivitz, Nonieq by Noniq Zakiah, Mainland Her, Simply Mii, Casa Elana, Kavi Indonesia, Kamiidea, Ambu Design, Monel, Nadjani, House of Nabilia, GDAS by Ghaida Tsuraya, Meisje by Tantri Ayunita and Shabilla is also held in Muse 101. 
“The type of clothes is casual, edgy, urban, and modern,”

Rundown Grand Opening MUSE 101 :
  1. Hijab Tutorial by Fitri Aulia
  2. Fashion Show 17 Tenant Muse 101
  3. Accoustic Music
  4. Doorprice
  5. Muslim Blogger Challenge
I just attend for number 2 , 4 and 5. I thought hijab tutorial only for who have invitation, but suddenly when Accoustic Music will held, I got called from my mom to come home soon :(
Okay enough for the diary, here they are my recaps on the spot :)

 before the show

 MC on the stage (poor light, huhu)

AT BACKSTAGE (1st session):


okay 2nd session in next post...


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