Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Say Hi to Macaroon!

Have you ever heard about Macaroons fellas?

Lately delicious a native of france who was named macaroon started to increase stature as dessert that is much favorite ones.  Sweet cake small globular this look successfully seize tastes the tongue of the Indonesia ...  Macaroon is delicious a kind of cake small sweet shape round like dorayaki but  mini version of it. Macaroon native of france. 
What the word macaroon is a thing with variant for human beings as distinct also. Can shaped pastries round with taste coconut, but it can also shaped meringue ( pastries sweet from white of eggs ). 
In this one, macaroon has kind of variation now, with its own taste and color. Glance macaroon looks soft change, but actually macaroon a little dense and crisp when consumed, it contents soft and melt . 

I thought that everyone loves macaroons :)

Bakerzin at Cilandak Town Square (others: PIM, Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia)
1 piece macaroon at Bakerzin Rp 8.500,-
top: Hazelnut, Mango, Frambozen, Oreo, and Ispahan
the best flavor is Mango!

Kue-Kue fX Lifestyle X'enter fB Floor K-5

And it was super delicious! I enjoy every bite of it, even some of it are too sweet. 
Blueberry, Green Tea, Vanilla Icy Blue, Red Velvet and Lychee. 
But Vanilla Icy Blue and Red Velvet was the best of all. Rp10.000,- each. 
However it's very worth every bite. With their tagline 'home made indulging treats', I think they successfully indulge me with their macaroons. 
And of course I'll be back soon, hungry for more indulging treats :)



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